Make Sure Your New Furniture Delivery Is A Success

Whether it's a plush new sofa or a sturdy dining table, ordering new furniture can feel exciting. In addition to boosting the comfort in your home, you're enhancing its functionality. But before you enjoy your latest purchase, you need to get it through your front door. Here's how to make your new furniture delivery a success.

Take Your Measurements

Don't automatically assume that the large item you're ordering is going to fit. There's a reason manufacturers add dimensions to their product descriptions: it gives you a chance to identify whether the item will fit or not. Measure the width and height of any doorways that items need to move through. If it looks as though they won't fit and you're itching to purchase it anyway, assess whether removing a door or using a window could prove useful. If neither approach looks as though it could work, you may need to look for an alternative.

Stay Available

Once you know you want to order an item, assess your availability for receiving delivery. Some delivery companies may ask that you remain available throughout the day but will text or call you with a narrower time slot when the day arrives. Or, you may find that you can arrange a narrower timeslot in advance, but only if you pay a premium. Once you know what time the delivery will take place, make sure you remain available. Arranging for a re-delivery can become time-consuming and it's likely that you'll have to pay for it.

Request Assistance

If your new furniture is small, you may not need any assistance. However, if it's large, bulky, or requires assembly, the chances are you'll need a helping hand. If you don't know anyone who can help, investigate whether the delivery company you're looking at can. They may offer assembly services, but you might need to pay extra. Also, if you don't live on the ground floor of your building it's worth investigating whether the company you're using can deliver to the floor you live on. Some don't do so as standard, and you may find yourself looking for another service provider who can take your furniture to the floor you inhabit.

Overall, both preparation and patience are necessary for ensuring your new furniture delivery is a success. Always investigate whether it's possible to get the furniture into your property before ordering it. And if you can, ask someone to help out so that you can enjoy using it as soon as possible.

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