Top Signs Restumping Might Be Needed Underneath Your Home

Although many homeowners find themselves seeking professional help with restumping for their homes, there are a number of other homeowners who don't even know what restumping is. If you are one of these people, then you should educate yourself about restumping. After all, it's actually a very important thing to have done, and it's not something that you should put off or not take seriously. If you're curious about whether or not your home needs restumping, consider these signs.

There Is Rot Happening Under Your Home

The primary reason why restumping has to be done is because there is rot happening underneath the homeowner's home. If the stumps that help provide support and structure for your home are rotting, then you could face a serious issue. After all, as the rot worsens, you have to worry about major structural issues happening. This can actually make your home dangerous for you and your family members to inhabit, and it can lead to very expensive damage. There are actually various reasons why the stumps underneath your home might be rotting. This can happen from age since, over time, you have to worry about the timber components underneath your home being exposed to moisture from the soil. Additionally, it can happen if flooding occurs underneath your home; in fact, this can cause restumping to be needed prematurely, even if your home is only a few years old.

You've Had to Deal With Termites

As a homeowner who has had to deal with termites, you probably know just how much of a nightmare they can be. You might have already worked hard with a pest control professional to get rid of the termites that might have been literally eating away at your home, but you might have some restoration work that you need to do in order to get your home back in tip-top shape. For example, if termites ate away at the stumps underneath your home, then those stumps might be completely destroyed. Now, they might need to be replaced so that you can restore your home and get things back to normal after having to deal with an annoying and damaging termite infestation.

These are two common scenarios in which you might need to look into restumping. If you think restumping is needed for your home, you should definitely look into doing it as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to keep your home safe and in good condition. To learn more, contact a restumping service.

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