4 Tips on Moving Furniture without Damaging Your Floor

Do you have heavy furniture that needs to be moved? Do you have a hardwood or laminate floor that is in need of protection from scratches and marks? If so, read on for some expert tips on how to move your furniture without damaging your floor.

1. Dollies will be your key to success

Carrying your furniture is not the only way to move it. Instead of going through the hassle of hauling heavy furniture across your house, you put your homewares on a dolly with wheels and roll it out to the moving truck. Not only is this easier on your body and a good way to prevent injuries, but the smooth wheels also won't cause irreparable damage to your floors. A dolly with wheels will be your best friend during a move, so make good use of it; you can either buy one or rent one depending on your needs.

2. Make use of moving blankets

Sometimes, your furniture may be too big for a dolly to handle. In these cases, moving blankets are the way to protect your floor from nasty scratches. To use them, simply lift one edge of your furniture item, roll the blanket underneath and lift the other side to secure it firmly on the blanket. Then, you can slide your large furnishings all over the house on a soft covering that prevents your floors from getting damaged (and makes it easier to move heavy furniture swiftly). If you don't feel like going out of your way to purchase a moving blanket, you could always use old, large blankets you have no use for anymore.

3. Try disassembling 

If dollies and moving blankets aren't what you're looking for, try disassembling your furniture. Disassembling your furniture into several smaller parts means you'll be able to carry them out of the house with ease—no need to drag anything along your fragile flooring. This can also save space in your moving van, as flat-packed components take up less space than a whole piece of furniture.

4. Hire professionals to help

Sometimes moving furniture can seem overwhelming, especially if it's heavy and you have a room full of items to move. In situations like these, hiring a removals company with a packing service is the best thing to do. These professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting and make sure that your floors are protected from scratches in the process. Contact a removals service to learn more. 

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