Types of Self Storage Units

As the demand for self-storage grows, self-storage companies have increased their services to meet the needs of their clients. The truth is, finding a self-storage unit is quite easy. However, deciding which type of storage unit you need can be taxing. Below is a guide discussing the various types of self-storage facilities. 

Indoor Versus Outdoor Self-Storage

The distinguishing feature between these two types of self-storage is the location of the unit. While outdoor units are located in an open space, indoor units are located inside a building. The primary benefit of an outdoor unit is that you can drive your vehicle right up to the entrance of your unit. Therefore, they can be beneficial for businesses or people that intend to store bulky items in the storage unit. They are also your best bet when you want to store your automotive, boat, or ATV. 

Indoor units are located inside a building. As such, they could be safer compared to the outdoor unit. More often than not, they are cheaper than outdoor units. They also protect your items from weather damage. Since most buildings are insulated, your items will not be exposed to a sudden change in temperatures. 

Climate-Controlled Self Storage

This is an indoor or outdoor self-storage unit that has a climate-control system. It is an ideal option if you intend to store weather-sensitive items inside your storage unit. For instance, wine is known to be affected by light and heat. When leather is exposed to humid conditions, it develops mould and bacteria that damage the material. Other weather-sensitive items include documents, vinyl records, artwork, and music instruments.

A climate-controlled storage unit would also be ideal if you plan to convert the storage unit into a temporary office. It saves you the struggles of having to work in an uncomfortable environment. 

Mobile Self-Storage

Mobile self-storage is an emerging trend in the self-storage industry. It is a box or shipping container that is modified into a storage unit. Mobile self-storage is popular since it gives you the convenience of accessing your items at any time. The self-storage company will place the unit at your preferred location, pick it up or move it at your request. When hiring a mobile self-storage unit, it is vital to assess your needs to determine the type and size of unit that you require. For example, you could opt for a unit with windows if you will convert the unit into a temporary living space. 

Regardless of the self-storage unit that you prefer, you must work with a reputable and trusted self-storage company. 

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