Should You Choose an Indoor or Outdoor Option for Your Self-Storage Needs?

Self-storage is a convenient way of keeping excess goods that you do not currently have room for but may still need in the future. Storage units are generally located in an indoor or an outdoor facility. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?


Indoor storage units are usually found inside a single building and are accessed from within. One advantage is that they are usually climate-controlled and will not be as susceptible to harsh weather conditions. They are also generally more secure than outdoor storage options, as an intruder would need to get access to the building (which will probably be protected by individual access codes) as well as gaining access to the individual locker or room. In a multi-storey facility, you can also rent units on one of the upper floors, which will add another level of security. For this reason, they are a good option for storing anything valuable that you do not want to keep at home,

It is also worth bearing in mind that indoor units are often smaller than outdoor ones, so if you do not have much to store, you will not find yourself having to pay for space you do not need.


Outdoor storage are typically drive-up units that are like having another garage. Although they will not be climate controlled and will not be as secure, they have the advantage of being much more convenient, as you can simply drive up to them and gain immediate access. They are also usually larger than indoor lockers and units. This means they are more suitable for heavy and bulky items such as furniture or vehicles that you will not be able to easily manoeuvre through a building.

Outdoor storage units also make useful second garages. If you have a vintage vehicle, for example, that gets little use but needs to be safely stored, an outdoor storage facility may be the right solution. It is also worth remembering that outdoor units are usually cheaper than indoor spaces, and outside of the cities they may be the only type available.

In general, outdoor units provide more convenience while indoor units have greater security. The type you should go for will depend on exactly what items you need to store and how long you intend to use the facility. Contact self-storage facilities in your local area to learn more about the available options.

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