Tips To Help You When Moving To A New House

Moving to a new home can be quite challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Even with the help of furniture removals services, there are specific measures you can take to make your moving experience more comfortable. Here are some tips that will help you when moving to a new home.

Plan Ahead

It would help if you had a plan for what you will be moving. Prepare a list of all the items that will be moved, what needs to be packed, and what needs to be disassembled. Make sure you also account for fragile items like dishware. With a plan, you will be able to disassemble items and pack with ease.

The next step is to identify the right equipment for disassembling and packing. Some of the supplies you need include sofa and mattress covers, sealable plastic bags, packing tape, boxes and furniture-dissembling tools. Sofa and mattress covers will protect your sofa and mattresses from dirt; sealable plastic bags can be used to pack small items. Packing tape and boxes will be used for packing utensils and other items.

Dismantling and Packing Furniture

Before you dismantle furniture, you need to clean and dust it. Debris can scratch hard surfaces when you are moving. Cleaning furniture also ensures you do not take unnecessary grime into the new house. Take time to remove the knobs, casters and drawers. Where possible, use a furniture manual to disassemble complex furniture items.

Plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are the best tools for packing furniture. Bubble wrap protects delicate wooden furniture. Plastic wrap can be used to protect your sofas and upholstered items. Using corrugated cardboard sheets between wooden items will protect your furniture from scratches.

Labelling and Placement

One of the most frustrating things when you move to a new house is not being able to find items. To make it easier to unpack items in an orderly manner, you should label all the boxes. You can even make a list of what each box contains.

Also, it would help if you also had an idea of where to place items in the truck. This makes things easier for you and your furniture removal service. As a rule of thumb, heavy boxes should offer support for lighter boxes. Furniture that cannot be dismantled can also be used as support for light items. Do not worry if you are not good with placement plans. Furniture removal professionals are skilled in knowing how to arrange items in their truck without causing any damage.

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