Preparations You Need To Make Before Starting Your Restumping Project

Are you planning to start a restumping project soon? Restumping is a complex project that must be handled prudently and with the help of a reputable professional. You have to search for the best restumping contractor in your area to ensure you get quality services. But even after hiring a contractor, it's vital to prepare adequately to ensure the project is a success. This should be done before the restumping contractor shows up to work to avoid unnecessary delays. So, what measures should you take to prepare? Keep reading to know more.

Remove your belongings from the house

The first thing you need to do once you set the project commencement date is to remove everything you own out of the house. This will give the restumping contractor and the entire crew ample space to work. Moreover, you'll be at peace since you know your valuable belongings are safe. Most property owners usually rent out a storage unit or keep the items in another structure in their compound. No matter the option you choose, make sure your belongings are kept in a safe and dry place. They should also be well-arranged to prevent unnecessary damage.

Clear the outdoor area

Once you have removed everything out of the house, then you should consider clearing the outdoor space. If the area that surrounds your home is free of rubbish and obstacles, the contractor will have an easier time while working since they have unlimited access points. Moreover, this measure promotes safety in the work area.

Select the new stumps yourself

Currently, the market offers a wide range of stumps. These stumps vary in quality and price, so it shouldn't be challenging to get stumps that suit your needs and budget. Since most property owners tend to blame contractors when structural problems occur, it's always advisable to choose and buy the stumps yourself. The suppliers will definitely share every key detail you need to know about different stumps and even recommend the best type once you provide some specifics about your property and where you reside.

You can also bring your contractor to get their expert opinion as well. This professional has surveyed the house and already understands the underlying issues that weakened the stumps you have been using. This knowledge helps them make sound recommendations that will assist you in making informed decisions. When you buy the stumps yourself, you'll also get the chance to negotiate the price.

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