Three Tips For Choosing Your Moving Packaging

Moving houses or offices is a complicated task with many moving parts. Perhaps the most important part of any move is ensuring that all your belongings actually end up at the right place and in one piece. To do this, you need the right packaging material mixed with the best moving boxes you can find, but how do you find what is the best? There are a lot of options out there and many of them seem very attractive, with cheap prices for large amounts. However, it pays to ensure that the moving boxes you are trusting with your valuables have a good build quality and won't just fall apart at the first bump.

What Makes A Good Moving Box?

Moving boxes are the most popular type of packaging container for a good reason. They are cheap, don't weigh a lot and you can fit a lot of stuff in them very quickly. But there are levels of quality when it comes to moving boxes and you should be on the lookout for these features specifically:

  • Cushioning: this is especially important for electronics, kitchenware and other delicate items. Don't put your valuables in a box that isn't cushioned.
  • Different boxes for different items: moving boxes are not a one size fits all. Search for boxes that cater to each need, such as clothing, books, appliances, shoes etc.
  • Double walled: double walled moving boxes are far superior to their single walled cousins.
  • Easy to assemble: you don't want to spend hours just assembling the moving boxes, so a quick set up time is desirable. 

Are There Cheaper Options?

If you are looking for a quality moving box but don't have the cash to spend on lots of premium ones, then there is still an option for you: secondhand packing cartons. Yes, this might sound strange, but often moving boxes are hardly damaged at all during transport, which means that using them more than once is perfectly acceptable. Secondhand packing cartons are always selected on individual quality, so no duds get through. They are also cheaper, and they are good for the environment because you are, in effect, recycling.

What Else Do I Need?

When it comes to moving boxes, you can never have enough tape, packing peanuts (or air bags) or bubble wrap to help with packing, or felt tipped pens to mark the boxes correctly. Box cutters will also help.

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