Handy Business Uses for Storage Units

When you're running a business, it isn't unusual to suddenly find yourself lacking in space. Whether it's a sudden expansion or a brief explosion of sales, not having enough room for your essentials can feel frustrating. When renting nearby premises isn't an option, you might want to consider using storage units instead.

Storing backlogs of documents

Depending on the type of business you're running, data protection laws may require you to keep documents for a certain period of time. Or, you might find that keeping all the evidence you need for the last few years' tax returns is necessary. Whatever documents you're keeping, all those boxes can soon stack up and make your business feel cluttered. Providing you use the right locks and make an effort to keep your documents dry, storage units are an excellent solution.

A sudden influx of stock

There are certain times of year when a sudden influx of stock becomes inevitable. For example, this often happens just before Christmas. If you're managing a business that's small and growing, you may not be able to keep everything in your stock room while meeting the usual health and safety requirements. If this is the case, ask your nearest storage unit about flexible rental terms. They may offer a brief contract so you can cover yourself from the festive period through to after the January sales finish.

A halfway point for trade show or market essentials

Do you spend time trading at markets and regular trade shows? Having the opportunity to take your goods to another location is excellent for both sales and advertising purposes. But carrying heavy loads soon eats into your petrol and may increase other overheads, such as commercial use vehicle car insurance. If there's a unit that rests at a reasonable halfway point between your respective trading destinations, consider whether it's more cost-effective to use one than it is to pay the extra overheads. 

Distribution points for your drivers

From drop-shipping through to running a flourishing online business alongside your offline venture, if you regularly use a delivery driver, you may find that it's disruptive having them drop into your store all the time. This also might not make much sense if you're in a town or city location, as traffic can eat into their delivery times. When you use storage units as a distribution centre, while keeping track of your stock, you can minimise disruption during trading hours and optimise delivery times.

From making life easier for yourself through to enhancing your profits, there are lots of ways you can benefit from self-storage as a business owner.

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