Things to Consider When Getting a Contract From a Removals Company

Hiring a removals company is the logical thing to do when moving house from one town or state to another. Not only do these companies make moving easier, but they also know how to handle your furniture and other delicate items with care. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the client and the company have disputes over lost or damaged items, cost of moving and other petty issues. Having a contract with the company is very important in preventing such conflicts, and it can be used to solve them if they arise. Here are four things you must include in the contract.


Unfulfilled expectations of the client can be a significant point of contention when it comes to furniture removals. It's critical that you discuss what the mover's services include and what your expectations are. Will they help you pack? Will they help you settle at your new place? Do they provide moving essentials? Get all these clear and in writing to avoid any confusion.

Inventory List

It is essential to have an inventory list of everything that has to be moved. Number or label every piece of furniture that is going and have the movers confirm it before putting anything inside the truck. Some people have a lot of furniture, and it can be very easy to forget some. As the movers are unloading the truck, take the list out and tick every piece to ensure everything is there.


Liability is one of the most significant issues when it comes to furniture removals. In a case where a piece of furniture breaks or get damaged one way or another, the movers can claim they found them that way while the owner refuses. The only way to prevent such an incident is to take pictures of the furniture, go through the pieces with the movers and let them see how everything looks like and how it should be handled. Choose a furniture removal company that has insurance to cover your damages if any and ask how much coverage you get. Be sure to include the names of the insurers in the contract as well.

Cost of removals

Every moving company has a specific quote for every job, be it furniture removal from an office building or a residential home. Once you describe the amount and type of furniture you need to have moved, the company should be able to give you a good quote. Clarify with them that the cost they have quoted includes everything you expect to be done so you won't have any surprises when they hand you the bill.

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