Preparing for a long-distance move

Moving house can be a pretty daunting task, but the right preparation can take some of the worry out of it. There are a lot of jobs to take care of while getting ready for a house move, but most of them fall into the same few categories. Plan well for these and you'll cut down on the stress of your big move. 

Finding a removal firm

If you're just moving home within a city, you may be able to get family and friends to take care of the lifting and driving. If you're moving from one state to another, though, you'll find that to be a pretty big ask. If you've got a lot to move, or you're going a long way, you want help from a specialist removal services firm. Talk to several removal services in your area and get a quote from each. You should also be sure to determine exactly what your mover's insurance will cover. 

Packing your belongings

Your mover may be able to provide packing supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap or pads for furniture. In most cases, though, you'll have to do the packing yourself. You should make sure that weight is distributed evenly between boxes; heavy boxes are harder to lift and more likely to break. If you're packing heavy objects such as books, pack a single layer of books and fill the rest of the box with bedding, towels or clothes. This will also help keep the boxes full; the more empty space there is within a box, the more likely it is to break. 

Dealing with paperwork

Moving involves a lot of administrative changes, so make a list of all the people or agencies you'll need to notify before you start the process. You might have to register your change of address with the Electoral Commission, the tax office, Australia Post, your vehicle registration agency and more. 

On moving day

Moving day will be a busy one, and you will have a lot to take care of. To help keep things organised on the day, create one box to hold the things you want to leave until last -- the kettle, for instance. Make sure that there will be space for moving vans and other vehicles to park; they usually take up a lot of space, and you don't want to be carrying boxes over a long distance. Confirm a schedule for the day with your moving service and any volunteers and arrange a single method for communication. It's going to be busy, but with help and a sound plan you'll get through it. 

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