Tips for Making Moving Day Easier on You and Your Removalists

One good way to make moving day easier on you is to hire a removalist company to help with all the packing and moving to be done. Removalists will know the best way to protect your furniture and to ensure the truck is packed securely and can probably make the job much faster overall. Note a few things you might consider that can make everything easier for you and your removalists when moving day does actually arrive.

1. Clean your items

You may not think that items should be dusted or otherwise wiped down if they're going in the back of a moving truck, but layers of dust, furniture polish that wasn't properly removed, grease, and other such debris can make it difficult to properly secure items in the truck or wrap them with protective blankets. Dusty and otherwise dirty furniture can also be difficult to hold while it's being lifted, and of course moving that furniture can kick up dust that removalists breathe in, which can interrupt their work. To make your moving day easier on everyone, make sure all your items are properly cleaned.

2. Don't stack items by the door

You may think you're making it easier for the removalists by stacking items by the door, but note that they need to pack the truck in a certain way to ensure your items are secure, and they also need lots of clearance by the doorway to move bulky and heavy items. Your removalists may actually need to move those boxes, lamps, and other such pieces that you've put by the door to clear a wide enough path, and this just increases their work overall.

3. Set aside fragile items

Your removalists will probably use their own labelling system for fragile items, but you want to note anything fragile that you've already packed. Don't assume that they will know that boxes in the kitchen contain fragile dishes, for example, as they could very well contain pots and pans or appliances.

4. Don't help

You may be tempted to help removalists pack the truck or put items on a hand cart, but this can be a mistake. You might actually be getting in the way, not securing items in the truck properly, and not lifting items onto a hand truck properly either. Rather than assuming as to what you can do to help, ask the supervisor in charge what they need you to do and then follow their direction; this will ensure the safe and proper packing of your items and that the job goes as quickly as possible.

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