Moving Tips: How to Lift Heavy Items Without Hurting Yourself

Are you moving house or transferring unused household items to a self-storage facility? If so, you may need to do some heavy lifting, especially if you've not hired a removals company for help. Moving heavy items such as furniture can be hard, especially if they weigh more than what your body can endure. There are lots of potential injuries that can result from handling weighty furniture, some of which can be severe. Here you will learn some simple tips on how to lift and move heavy items in the home without any trouble.

Examine the items

Before attempting to lift any heavy object, you should first inspect it to determine how the weight is distributed and where the comfortable lifting spots are. Some items can have their weight distributed unevenly, and attempting to lift them without this knowledge can lead to injuries. If the items are packed in boxes, you should make sure that they are properly sealed to reduce the risk of objects falling off as you carry them to the moving truck. Don't hesitate to ask for help if some items are too heavy for you to lift.

Find the safest route

After examining your items and making sure that you can lift them, it is time to find the safest route out of the house and into the moving truck. Look out for any uneven surfaces, steps or obstacles that may increase the risk of trip and fall accidents. Avoid using the stairs, but if you have to, make sure that the object you are carrying does not obstruct your view. When lifting a large item such as a sofa, ask other occupants of the house to steer clear of your route so that you don't bump into anyone on your way out.

Prepare for the lift

You need to correctly position yourself for lifting heavy to avoid hurting any part of your body. The key to lifting and moving a heavy object is maintaining your balance throughout the process. Ensure that your feet are parted and squat down while keeping your back straight. Once you are in position, get a good grip of the item and lift it off the floor. Maintain slow and smooth moves, and avoid twisting any part of your body during the move. Once you reach the truck, return to the squatting position and gently lower the load.

Do not struggle to lift heavy objects if your body can't handle their weight. If you don't have anyone to help, consider hiring a removals company who will take care of all the heavy lifting and ensure that your items are delivered to your new home or storage unit.

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