3 Steps to Follow Strata Rules When Moving in or Out of a Rental

Moving between homes can be a tough process to follow, but it can turn out to be more expensive than you think if you fail to follow rules laid out by your building strata.  If you live in a strata-run building, then you'll need to follow certain rules and regulations to ensure that you don't end up breaking them while moving in or out of a rental. Follow these steps to avoid hefty fines by sticking to strata rules.

Check Whether There Are Any Moving Procedures With Your Building Manager

Some strata-run buildings have set moving procedures, so check in with your building manager to find out about any before moving in or out of the rental. For example, some strata-run buildings ask for a refundable deposit, which takes care of any damage that may be caused to the general areas during the moving process. Similarly, certain rules may be laid out about protecting furniture when moving to prevent building damage. Find out whether there is a moving procedure handout and follow these rules to ensure that a chunk of your deposit doesn't end up in fines.

Find Out Whether The Building Has A Dedicated Loading Bay  

Keep in mind that some buildings have dedicated loading bay areas, so the removalist truck must be parked there during the move. Failure to comply with these rules could end up being expensive for your wallet. In some instances, you may not be allowed to use a regular lift for your household items, and will need to use a service lift located elsewhere in the building. It's always best to double check these details in advance to save yourself from any trouble in the future. Make sure the removalist company is aware of where to park the truck and knows the path to follow when transporting your household items to or from the home.

Check Whether Any Changes Need To Be Made To The Existing Lift

Some buildings have loading/unloading lifts, but this may not always be the case. In some instances, strata may have rules about affixing padding to the lift interiors to prevent any damage during the moving process. Similarly, there may be certain rules about signage posts on every floor, so that other residents are aware of your move, and can contact you in case of any issues. You may be responsible for affixing this lift interior padding, so check with your building manager before making your move.

Follow these rules to avoid hefty fines from a strata-run building during your moving process.

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