How to Ensure That Your Relocation Experience Isn't Too "Moving"

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life, if you listen to all the pundits. Drama aside, it pays to be prepared as you set out on your adventure. You may be moving across several states and while you may be able to take to the skies to make this journey less stressful, your furniture is going to have a more "detailed" ride. What are the best strategies you can employ, as you make sure your furniture arrives at the other end unscathed?

Dealing with the Big Stuff

Normally, your possessions can be divided into two separate categories. Firstly, there's everything that you will pack into boxes and secondly, there is everything that can't be packed into a box. The latter category refers mostly to your furniture, while everything else can be carefully wrapped up and secured in its own environment for the trip ahead.

Blanket Coverage

The first thing you need to do is to get the proper type of protection materials to safeguard your furniture. These will include moving blankets that are specifically designed for individual pieces of furniture. These take into account that certain parts of the furniture are more vulnerable than others and you should wrap them accordingly.

Bubbles Next!

Secondly, ensure that you have an adequate amount of bubble wrap. It may be fun to "pop" this stuff when you've got nothing better to do, but in truth there is nothing better to protect breakable and fragile elements, such as delicate carvings, glass doors and so on.

Pack Carefully

You will also need an adequate amount of packing tape and shrink wrap. Don't be afraid to go crazy here. The more that you protect your pieces from marks, scrapes or stains the better. Remember, that the materials that you are getting are disposable and throwaway, relative to the value of the items you are protecting.

Cleaning up

Before you begin to safeguard your furniture, make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Anything that adheres to the surface has the potential to scratch the area beneath it, when it is being moved. This is something that many people don't consider, but can cause a lot of damage needlessly.

Taking Things Apart

Many of the bulky items you're going to ship can be dismantled to a certain extent to make it easier to transport them. Any piece that has the ability to be removed must be. This is the reason why it has that "removable" element and you will be glad that you did, as you avoid any damage to not only the furniture, but also the walls, doors and floors in your new place.

Preparation Is Worth It

Always get a professional moving company in to help you do this the right way. However, when you adhere to the rules just discussed, it will make it a whole lot easier to arrive at your new destination with everything intact and nice, smiley faces all around.

Contact a removal service for more advice.

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