Long-Term Packing | 4 Actions To Get Your Stereo Storage Ready

Going away for a few months? Or perhaps you're demolishing and re-building your home. Either way, you will need to leave some of your household items in a storage unit until you're ready to use them once again. If you have an advanced sound system, you'll need to pack it safely to ensure that it remains in good condition inside the storage unit. This commentary arms you with some actions to get your stereo ready for the storage unit. 

Remove All The Cords And Wires Connected To The Stereo

Cords and wires connected to your stereo can easily snap or fray during transport if you fail to properly organise them. This will ensure that they don't get tangled in any other items and will remain in proper working condition until you're ready to re-connect them once again. Tie them together to ensure that you don't misplace any cords or wires and keep them with your stereo once you box up everything.

Wrap Speakers In Packing Paper And Bubble Wrap

Your next action is to wrap your speakers in packing paper to give them some room to breathe. If you directly wrap the paper in bubble wrap, then the closed environment will cause beads of moisture to form inside, which can end up damaging the speakers. The packing paper acts as a barrier between the plastic and the speakers, which keeps them in good working condition. The bubble wrap itself acts as a good protection layer to ensure that your speakers aren't damaged in case they fall.

Wrap The Stereo In A Soft Cloth

Before you start putting the components together in a cardboard box, make sure you wrap the stereo unit in soft cloth. Cloth is one of the most breathable materials and prevents moisture from damaging the internal parts of your stereo. Swaddle the stereo in multiple layers of cloth to protect the edges from scratches and scuffs.

Place All Components Inside A Large Cardboard Box

Start by placing some crushed newspaper at the bottom of the cardboard box to add another layer of protection to the speakers and stereo. Place the stereo, speakers, cords and wires inside gently. It's important to place all components together, so that you don't risk losing some of them inside the storage unit. Place some more paper inside the box to fill up any empty spaces, which will help to prevent the components from moving around during transport or inside the storage unit. Close up the box and mark the components inside so that you don't have to scrounge around when you need it later.

Follow these key actions in your quest to make your stereo storage ready.

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