Four Ways to Utilize Custom Shipping Containers

Primarily shipping containers were solely used for the sole purpose of ferrying goods. However, over the past decade, a new trend of customising shipping containers has emerged. The most obvious customisation is the use of shipping containers to construct comfortable living spaces for people.

However, irrespective of the numerous ways a shipping container can get customised most of the custom shipping containers still get utilised as storage facilities.

Below are some of the various ways you can use a custom shipping container.

Living spaces

As mentioned earlier, container homes are the most common use of custom shipping containers. With the rising costs of building a new home from scratch, potential homeowners have been looking for cheaper ways to own a home.

As a result, various companies around the world have introduced portable custom made shipping container homes. The homes can either be bungalows or story buildings depending on an individual's design preference.

Surprisingly, the custom shipping container houses resemble everything a comfy home should have including ceilings, plasterboard walls, lights, windows, balconies and even essential amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Refrigerated storage spaces

Another common type of custom shipping container is containers that get fitted with air conditioning units. These types of containers mostly get utilised by farmers and agricultural produce distributors who need to maintain the freshness of perishable farm products such as meat, flowers, milk, etc., during transport.

Additionally, the refrigerated containers can also be utilised by industrial plants to store bulk amounts of chemicals that require constant cooling, instead of purchasing multiple refrigeration units.

Portable laboratories

Quite often scientist collects study samples from remote areas located far away from their labs. Sometimes the samples get contaminated during transportation to the lab, or the tests fail to be conclusive because the lab environment alters the samples.

As a result, to save time and prevent the contamination of samples during transport, portable laboratories are getting fixed into custom shipping containers. The mobile labs are fitted with electricity to and various scientific instruments so that scientists can conduct their test in the field as opposed to going back to the main lab.

Temporally quarters for construction and mining worker

Administration and employee quarters often get required in mining and construction sites located in areas that are too remote for daily commuting. The main types of quarters include administration offices as well as accommodation facilities.

In most cases, constructing the building and later demolishing them seems like a waste of money and hence, mining and construction companies purchase portable custom shipping container offices and sleeping quarters for their staff.

The advantage here is that the administration and living quarters are compact and hence they can be easily delivered and retrieved to and from a site with minimal setups required. For more information, contact a business such as Tasbulk Pty Ltd.

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