New Home, New Furniture: 6 Logical Reasons to Sell Your Furniture Before Your Interstate Move

When you're moving halfway across the country to another state, costs can spiral out of control. However, you can cut costs considerably if you are willing to let go of a chunk of your possessions. If you have lived in your current property for several years, it's likely that you have collected a substantial amount of possessions.

By selling off most of your unwanted junk and even some or most of your current furniture, you can benefit in several ways.

Your Move Will be Cheaper as a Result

No matter how you decide to move, whether you hire a U-haul, hire removalists or somehow arrange the transport yourself, the more you transport, the higher your costs. Selling all but your most treasured items of furniture before your move will reduce your moving costs considerably.

You Can Make Enough to Buy a New Set

While you may be forced to eat dinner off the top of a stack of cardboard boxes for the first night in your new place, selling your furniture before your move means you will be able to buy more furniture once you reach your destination. You'll have saved on moving costs, cut clutter and made enough money to invest in some more furniture.

You Can Buy Furniture that Fits the New House Perfectly

One problem with keeping old furniture is that it may not fit the dimensions of your new house. For example, you may be forced to stuff a huge cabinet into a smaller living room space. By selling before you move in, you can get a feel for your new place first, and then buy the things you feel might fit.

You Can Choose a Completely Different Style

This also gives you and your family a chance to change styles completely. Perhaps your current home is filled with modern, chic décor. You could instead opt for a more homey, child-friendly approach in your new place, filling it with bean bags, soft carpets and expansive seating areas.

Your Packing Process Will Be a Piece of Cake

With little to no furniture to pack, packing will be infinitely easier and far less stressful. You won't be as likely to wake up in your new home with a back ache, that's for sure.

There'll Be no Risk of Damage During Transit

Furniture often gets damaged during transport from one place to the other. By selling most of your furniture, especially the fragile stuff, you won't have to worry about losing money because of broken or damaged furniture.

If you have an interstate move coming up, consider selling your furniture before your move. Places like Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook are great online places for selling off furniture, and you may even be able to sell your things for more than you originally paid for them.

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