Interstate Moves for Fishermen: How to Safely Pack Your One-Piece Fishing Rods

Moving from state to state can be trying at the best of times. If you're hiring removalists to help you pack and move your things long distance, it is only natural that you might be a little apprehensive about your most fragile items, such as your fishing rods. For example, if you are moving from the tropical climes of Brisbane in Queensland to the cooler area of Melbourne in Victoria, a journey of over 1,600 km, that's a whole lot of bumps in the road to contend with.

However, if you choose your removalists carefully, and pack your fishing rods well, your journey should be one filled with thoughts of a new beginning, not of one that involves picking up the broken pieces of your fishing rods.

To ensure your rods are safe and sound on the journey, heed the following advice.

Visit Your Nearest Home Improvement Store for Some PVC and Caps

If paying for a rod case just for one journey doesn't appeal to you, locate your nearest home improvement store and ask them to cut you a length of PVC piping. Some stores may even let you cut the piping yourself. It shouldn't cost more than a few bucks, and you can store several rods in one pipe at a time for added convenience.

Make sure you purchase two end caps to seal the ends.

Visit a Local Carpet Store and Ask for a Rug Tube

Your local carpet store likely has lots of rug and carpet tubes that they aren't using. If you stop by and ask for a tube or two, they will probably be happy to oblige you.

One essential tip that also applies to PVC pipes is to ensure that your tubes are several inches longer than your longest rod. This will provide you with enough room to pad both ends of the tube to prevent collisions during the journey.

If there are no end caps available, you can either tape the tubes shut or fold them inward with a little elbow grease, then apply some tape for added protection.

Use Foam and Clothing as Padding

If you are using end caps, before you seal the pipe or tube, attach some foam to the bottom of the caps with glue to protect the ends of your rods. You should also provide the sides of your rods with padding if there is any excess space left, using clothes or towels.

Ask Your Removalists to Store Your Rods

With your fishing rods safely packed away, you can breathe a little easier, but make sure you remind your removalists to store them on the top tier of the removal truck to lessen the risk of them being crushed by falling boxes during the journey.

With your roads safely stowed away, you can dream about the upcoming fishing trips in your new state without fear as you journey to your new home. 

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