3 Tips for Keeping Your Shoes in Good Condition When You Move

Whether you're head over heels for designer shoes or you just have a few pairs that you're attached to, it's important to pack them correctly when you move. Shoes can be fragile, and just one mistake when packing them could lead to all sorts of damage. If you want to make sure your shoes are ready to wear when you're in your new home, here are 3 tips for packing them before you hand them over to a professional removals company.

Clean & Dry Them

Before you pack your shoes, you'll want to clean them. Given the amount of contact shoes have with the ground, they're likely to be covered in dirt and debris. If the shoes are still dirty when they're packed up, they could be damaged by pebbles and grit when they're in transit. Different shoes have different cleaning requirements, so make sure you check the designer's recommendations first. When they're clean, make sure you dry them completely. If your shoes are at all wet when you pack them, the moisture could lead to mold growth and unpleasant odours, ruining the shoes before you unpack them. If you're worried your shoes might still be retaining moisture even after you've dried them, feel free to stuff them with absorbent paper overnight to absorb any remaining water.

Don't Use Plastic Bags

Many people think it's a good idea to wrap shoes in plastic bags when they're moving, as plastic is generally seen as a good protective material. However, plastic bags (especially those used for refuse) are thin and can break easily, leading to the shoes getting damaged. They can also trap moisture in the shoe, further increasing the risk of mold growth. Instead, wrap them in packing paper. Lay the first shoe on a sheet of packing paper, wrap the paper round it, then add the second shoe and continue wrapping until both shoes are securely packed. Finish by taping the paper up to make sure it doesn't move. This will keep your shoes safe from damage while allowing them to breathe, and the paper is less likely to tear than a thin plastic bag.

Use the Original Shoeboxes

If you pack your shoes in a box that's too small, they could get crushed and deformed. If you pack them in a box that's too big, they could move around in the box while they're in transit and get damaged by the impact. The best box to pack your shoes in is the original shoebox they came in or another shoebox of the same size. These boxes are designed to hold shoes safely without causing squashing or denting. You can then pack multiple shoeboxes inside a larger packing box to make the moving process easier. If you can't get hold of a shoebox, a moving box of the same size is the next best thing. As a last resort, you can also pack them in a larger box with plenty of packing paper around them to prevent movement.

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